DEF LEPPARD Guitarist Offers New Album Update

March 18, 2007

DEF LEPPARD guitarist Vivian Campbell has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"Just a brief update from life in the trenches. Contrary to what I'm sure most of you believed when previously told, we are actually well ensconced in working on the new LEPPARD album and have been for some time. What's more, the work is progressing at an unusually (for us!) healthy pace, so much so that we will, in fact, make our self-imposed deadline and deliver a new album this year.

"I think it might have been mentioned before that we started writing and making demos for the record in our make-shift 'sparkle lounge' while on tour last summer. There's nothing altogether unusual about that — for most bands, that is. For us, however, it was a major step towards upping our productivity and one which is now fully paying dividends. For not only are the songs coming together quickly, but they're also sounding very energetic and natural, which might be as much to do with the pace of progress as with anything else.

"By now you've likely noticed that we're headlining the Sarnia Bayfest in Ontario, Canada on July 21st. Talks are well under way for a full tour this summer to support the new record, and we should be able to make a formal announcement about the dates soon. 2007 is going to be yet another exciting year for us and we're all very much looking forward to seeing your smiling faces again."

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