DEF LEPPARD Percussionist Leads Drum Circle In Thousand Oaks

September 8, 2003

Sue Davis of reports that DEF LEPPARD drummer "Rick Allen knows the healing power of drums and came to share it in Conejo Valley on Sunday afternoon [September 7].

"Allen's nonprofit organization, Raven Drum Foundation, sponsored a drum circle at Chumash Interpretive Center in Thousand Oaks that was attended by about 70 people.

"The drummer from rock group DEF LEPPARD, Allen lost his left arm after his Corvette rolled over in 1984. He resumed his career by using electronic technology to adapt his drum kit to his needs and still plays with the group.

" 'He's a very inspiring guy,' said Jeff Turner-Graham of Thousand Oaks. 'I kind of see him as the Lance Armstrong of music.'

"Allen founded the Raven Drum Foundation with fiancee Lauren Monroe in 2001.

"Allen said that the purpose of the organization is to empower and heal others through drumming and the arts. The group sponsors drum circles to help create a sense of community and for healing.

" 'When we come together through drumming and our intention, we can heal ourselves and make breakthroughs,' said Monroe, speaking to the group.

"The organization seeks to bring music to cancer patients, at-risk youth, abused women, and others that need physical or emotional healing.

"Led by Allen, Monroe, and others from the Raven Drum Foundation, the group began playing together, with some people following the beat and drumming vigorously, others timidly tapping a few beats here and there.

"Sitting in a large circle under the shade of ancient oaks, the participants ranged in age from 3 to senior citizens. A family with three boys in matching striped shirts sat near tattooed young women in flowing cotton skirts." Read more.

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