DEICIDE Begin Recording Vocals For New Album

March 25, 2006

Floridian death metallers DEICIDE are still in the middle of recording their new album, "The Stench of Redemption", at Morrisound studios in Tampa, Florida for a June 6 release via Earache Records.

Commented drummer Steve Asheim: "We're tracking a few more leads and Glen [Benton] has just started on his vocal tracks. But things are coming out really great."

One particular moment stood out for the band when guitarist Ralph Santolla finished up recording a lead. "Ralph came out and he said, 'I think that's got to be the best lead I've ever played,' at which point Jim [Morris, producer] said, 'You know, I think that's the best lead I've ever recorded," Steve said. Coming from someone like Jim Morris who's worked with so many of the metal greats that is a seriously powerful statement.

Benton has entered the studio and has been tracking his vocals over the last few days. Things are going very well and the vocals sound great, or as Steve Asheim put it, they sound "sinister as fuck." Lyrics for "The Stench of Redemption" remain on the darker side of things, nothing out of the ordinary for Satan's favorite band. Benton stated that one track, titled "Desecration", deals with grave desecration and is an immediate response to the recent controversy in France. The band is now logging between 10-16 hour days on this project.

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