DELIVERANCE: 'As Above - So Below' Release Date Announced

March 16, 2007

Retroactive Records has set an April 24 release date for the new album from the legendary Christian speed metal band DELIVERANCE, entitled "As Above - So Below".

According to a press release, "As Above - So Below" is "a prayer that things would be on earth, as they are in heaven. Musically, this 13th album represents a unilateral step forward in the heavy music genre; few groups have ever blended epic thrash / speed metal with the elegance and beauty of progressive metal (later period DELIVERANCE) with such devastating skill and brutality. Never has a DELIVERANCE album alternated so many moments of beauty (e.g. 'The Omen'-inspired opening track) with beastly moments of metallic fury and spine snapping riffs that would seem right at home on a SLAYER, BELIEVER, or early DELIVERANCE album. The end result is arguably the heaviest DELIVERANCE album yet. Jimmy [P. Brown II] continues to deliver vocal melodies that are as commanding as a thundering voice from above. What no one could have anticipated is that the band would deliver one of the most enormous-sounding metal records ever made. In our minds, it seems like the album is a piece of heaven here on earth, which, ironically means that the album is an answer to its own prayer!"

"As Above - So Below" track listing:

01. Return to Form
02. As Above - So Below
03. Precept upon Precept
04. Contempt
05. Should We Cross Paths
06. Screaming
07. Memoria
08. My Love
09. Cause and Effect
10. Enlightened

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