DEMON HUNTER: More '45 Days' Details Revealed

October 7, 2008

Seattle's DEMON HUNTER is set to unveil its brand new three-disc release "45 Days". Due in stores November 25 and comprised of two DVDs and one CD, "45 Days" documents the band's tour in support of last year's "Storm the Gates of Hell" as well as the group's intense connection with their fans, with many stories directly from the "hunters" themselves.

"The stories they've told us have inspired many of our songs and in turn I believe many of our songs connect with our fans in a very personal way," explains DEMON HUNTER vocalist and co-founder Ryan Clark. "We communicate with our fans as much as we possibly can which allows us to better understand them. We see them as friends. And we learn from each other. Some of the stories that we've received from them are so intense, so heartfelt, that we wanted to document them and share them with the rest of the world. Our fans are truly the lifeblood of the band."

In addition to being the founders and creative force behind DEMON HUNTER, Ryan and his brother, guitarist Don Clark, are the Grammy-nominated designers behind Invisible Creature. The firm has handled CD packaging and assorted artwork for a number of clients, including FOO FIGHTERS, CHRIS CORNELL, MACHINE HEAD, THROWDOWN and KORN.

The Clarks applied that same meticulous attention to detail and aesthetic mastery to DEMON HUNTER's "45 Days", as they do with all of their releases. The "45 Days" documentary itself, found on disc 1, owes more to the OASIS film "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" and SIGUR ROS' "Heima" than the typical band documentary. Filmed during this past summer's "Stronger Than Hell Tour", "45 Days" is rich and cinematic in scope. The film was entirely shot and edited by Cale Glendening — an up-and-coming director from Tulsa, Oklahoma whom the Clarks stumbled upon online.

"We came across a simple video diary that Cale shot for a band, and we could just tell that he had an eye for it," Ryan remembers. "He takes amazing photographs, his video footage is very artistic and beautiful, and he just knows how to put things together. The documentary is less like a standard music documentary and more of an artistic endeavor."

The movie follows the band on tour and is interspersed with stories from fans, including a soldier recently returned from the Middle East; a mother, fiance and best friend in grief and more. "The documentary highlights the lives of our fans just as much as our lives. It's not just a band on the road. It's way deeper and more emotional than that."

Disc 2 is a full live set captured during the tour from several angles in Nashville, Tennessee, with pro-audio produced and mixed by JR McNeely (UNDEROATH, MXPX). Disc 3, the audio CD portion, contains the original film's instrumental score written exclusively for the movie and produced by the band's longtime producer Aaron Sprinkle (EMERY, THE ALMOST). The disc also includes an acoustic version of "Fading Away" and a piano version of "Carry Me Down".

The packaging is as outstanding as what the band's fans have come to expect and easily sits alongside any of the packages both Clarks have earned Grammy nominations for over the last few years. "We wanted nothing but the best. This is a three-disc set, so we have it packaged in a three-disc digipack with a 20-page booklet," Ryan says enthusiastically. "The packaging is full of amazing photos, shot by Cale, from throughout the tour, and the vibe of the package is intended to fit the vibe of the documentary and soundtrack."

"45 Days" will be released through Solid State.

A trailer for "45 Days" can be viewed below.

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