DIO To Battle TENACIOUS D In New Video For "Push"

June 4, 2002

TENACIOUS D's Jack Black and Kyle Gass will appear in DIO's latest video, "Push", the first single off of the new album Killing The Dragon. This may sound like a strange pairing to some, but anyone that knows TENACIOUS D is aware of their respect for THE ROCK and appropriate Icons not to mention the JB- and KG-penned "Dio", the track on their current album and staple of their live performances.

The Bill Schacht-directed video begins with TENACIOUS D jamming out their own version of the classic SABBATH/DIO song "Heaven and Hell" and features a multitude of special effects produced by Aestheticom. It is one of the first videos utilizing hi-definition and infinite background format, the same technology used in Lucas' new Episode II, Attack Of the Clones.

The effects were created specifically to work with the theme of the performance based video for "Push", where Ronnie James Dio will be "pushing" himself and the band from frame to frame. TENACIOUS D attempts the same, but even the self-proclaimed "Greatest Band On Earth" can't match the "Push" strength of the Rock N' Roll Wizard.

DIO's Killing The Dragon was released last week on Spitfire Records debuted in the Billboard Top 200, DIO's first Top 200 debut since Strange Highways. The band hit the road for a national tour May 31st with DEEP PURPLE and THE SCORPIONS in Las Vegas and continue across the country all summer.

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