DON DOKKEN Denies Altercation With Drummer, Blames Promoter For L.A. Cancellation

September 17, 2002

DOKKEN frontman Don Dokken has denied the reports that an altercation between him and drummer Mick Brown led to the drummer's premature exit from the Rock Fest 2002 trek and the cancellation of the September 14th Los Angeles stop on the tour.

"Its all bullshit," Dokken wrote regarding the widespread rumors, according to Hard Radio. "The promoter canceled on us and USED us as the scapegoat. They didn't have the money as of Friday to pay us. Mick and I did not fight and we never have. We've been playing together for 22 years and we're too old for childish shit like that. People really piss me off. Mick couldn't take it any more with his shoulder. The same thing happened last year. He has a reoccurring dislocated rotator cuff. If he would take better care of himself, he'd be fine but as we all know he's 'Wild Mick', party animal of the century. That's the truth and nothing more. I'm not going to defend myself. These people need to get a life. I've never seen such a mess on this tour in all my years of touring. Everybody jerked us around. A lot of egos, not enough talent to back it up. I won't name names, no point! That's it."

Meanwhile, DOKKEN bassist Barry Sparks offered his own account in a separate posting on the band's official web site: "So the morning of my hometown show in Tucson, I was told we were canceling our show!!! Because our drummer Mick... was...? I don't know? A bizarre gardening accident? Maybe, or maybe he cut his finger on a can of tuna? Not sure yet. I just hope he is OK, because he is my rhythm brother, and also the closest thing to John Bonham that there is!! Disappointment, anger, heartache… all of these things were on my mind, but I managed to call up our rock station 96.1 KLPX and pump up our show, the show that wasn't gonna happen!!!!! I actually sounded quite upbeat considering the fact that we had been on tour forever and ever and the last night of the tour, my hometown, we had no drummer and would not even get to play!!!! Well, sometime that afternoon I was told we would go ahead and go for it… Adam Hamilton, my bass-playing buddy from L.A GUNS would be playing the drums for us! So before we went onstage, I crossed my fingers and then whammo!!!... Enter my hero… Adam Hamilton... From the first notes of 'Kiss of Death', I knew we would be OK!! What a relief!! Without any rehearsal or anything, we pulled off an amazing show for my hometown!! Thanks to my low-end brother Adam!!! Yeehaaw!! I love you man!!!! I can't thank you enough for having the guts to take on this challenge, but not only did you pull it off, you sounded amazing as well! So the next time you see L.A GUNS, remember that you're watching some of the coolest people on this planet! [The Tucson] show will not be forgotten for a long, long time, that's for sure!!!! It looks like we have pretty much finished up this Rock Fest thing... It was the best of times and the worst of times, as they say... and to all the other bands, L.A. GUNS, FIREHOUSE, WARRANT and RATT... Rock on! I luv ya all!"

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