DON DOKKEN: 'We're Not Stuck In The '80s'

April 29, 2005

Don Dokken recently spoke to Denmark's Antenna webzine about the new DOKKEN album, the upcoming DOKKEN DVD and his long-awaited solo album. Several excerpts from the interview follow:

Antenna: How do you feel that fans has reacted to your album "Hell to Pay"?

Don Dokken: "I think it's a good record. People said that they wanted something more traditional, like 'Tooth and Nail', so I said fine, if this is what you enjoy, I can do this, so I wrote the songs for the album, and it was pretty easy to do. The new album writing is almost done, it is called 'Lightning Strikes Again', and it is not like 'Tooth and Nail'. It's more a mixture of modern music with heavy guitars like LINKIN PARK with melodic harmonies, and some fans will love it and others will say 'Hey, this doesn't sound like DOKKEN in 1986', but guess what? It's not 1986 anymore. THE BEATLES did 'Help', and the next album they did was 'Revolver', and they did 'Sgt. Pepper' and 'The White Album', and every album was different. If they had done 'Help' four years after that, then people would have said 'Come on'. You have to grow. Spiritually, mentally and physically. LED ZEPPELIN did 'I', 'II' and then 'Houses of Holy', that had nothing to do with LED ZEPPELIN, but people accepted it. People say 'I like 'Tooth and Nail', that's what I like. Do it over and over again'. That's really great, but if you like 'Tooth and Nail', go buy it. I did it. I have to go on. Some people do, but I am not POISON. We're not stuck in the '80s part."

Antenna: What can we expect of the next DOKKEN album? Do you have lots of ideas?

Don Dokken: "Too much. It's just coming to me, and I'm like 'stop'. It's like the whole cosmic virtu is crumpling inside my head, I don't know how much I can take. [laughs]. I wish I could get it all on tape."

Antenna: Some of those 35 songs, that did not get on "Hell to Pay", are they going to be on the new record?

Don Dokken: "Yes, about three of them. Some of the fast ones. The more metal songs. The new album is pretty deep. All the new lyrics are fresh and about the world today and what is going on."

Antenna: Your DVD "Live from the Sun" was awesome. Are you thinking about making a new one?

Don Dokken: "Yeah, we're doing one right now. We were filming tonight in Denmark, not the show, but backstage, at the airport and just funny stuff. Tired, falling asleep at the airport, that kind of stuff, trying to get girls to go to our room, hangovers and getting drunk. The new album will have a bonus DVD from the European tour, so people can see what's going on backstage. Us and all the groupies."

Antenna: Are you currently working on your new solo album? And will it ever be done?

Don Dokken: "Yes, I know it has been forever. I have the CD in my room, it sounds amazing. It's halfway done. I have about five songs finished. As a matter of fact, while we are on tour, the album is being recorded. I've finished the vocals and the guitars, and I have very famous people playing, like John Keane, who is the keyboard player for the hit TV show 'C.S.I.'Tony Franklin, the famous bass player, is playing bass. Michael Thompson, who played with Michael Jackson. Alex Acuña, the famous acoustic percussion player. I can't wait till I get home, so I can hear it."

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