DORO PESCH Says Living 'The LEMMY Way' Means 'Living Life To The Fullest To The Very Last Day'

March 2, 2019

German metal queen Doro Pesch (DORO, WARLOCK) recently spoke with Chris Akin of "The Classic Metal Show". The full conversation can be streamed below. A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On her "energy":

Doro: "It's easy — I love music, I love metal and I love the fans. That's where my heart is, and I feel at home all over the world as long as the fans are there. I don't have any family, so music, that is my life. I always wanted to do music since I was three years old. It's almost like living your dream. Even though it's sometimes hard — it's not always easy — but I guess it's destiny or something. There's always so much going on — some more ideas, always something to work on... I just feel to keep it going is important, [to] keep up good energy. There's so much in the making, so you always have to stay focused. I never really sit back... doing it the Lemmy way, living life to the fullest to the very last day."

On her upcoming tour with METAL CHURCH:

Doro: "For many, many years, it was kind of floating around, that idea. I think two, three years ago, I heard about it, and now we've got the promoter putting it all together. I think it's great for old-school metal fans. They probably will love it. Of course, we both have new records [out], so we will probably play the best of the best — only highlights of the '80s and the best stuff of the new record. I think it's pretty cool because we've been friends for many years... I already feel good vibes. We will share a road crew, so we will share everything, and then we flip-flop — a double-headline thing. Maybe we do even something together. I can imagine something, towards the end of the tour maybe, [where] we hop on stage and do something — do a song of each other. I love METAL CHURCH — I loved all their records from the early '80s."

On the late Warrel Dane, who guested on her latest release, the 2018 double album "Forever Warriors / Forever United":

Doro: "He was one of my closest friends. It was my first big American tour in '88 with MEGADETH and SANCTUARY, and then Warrel and me became friends. Luckily, he was [at] Wacken [in 2017], and I was a guest on the AMON AMARTH show, and I had to do just one song, and it went over great. I was just happy walking around, talking to some friends and people backstage, and then I ran into Jeff Waters and Warrel Dane, and we recorded 'All For Metal'. It was a demo at the time, but you could tell it might be a good anthem."

On working with AMON AMARTH:

Doro: "It was pretty amazing. I was [at] Wacken again, and I was watching their show. My tour manager and me, we were watching, and I said, 'Man, that's an awesome show. I would love to do something with AMON AMARTH one of these days.' Suddenly, I got an e-mail — it was maybe six months later — and it was an e-mail [from] the guys [in] AMON AMARTH. They said, 'Hey, Doro, we have this song. We are making a new record. Would you like to do a duet?' I tell you, I almost most dropped dead. Maybe they felt the same good chemistry, the same good energy, and sometimes, I guess things are just meant to be. This feeling definitely went vice versa... I like Johan. He reminds me a little bit of the energy when I first saw James Hetfield in the '80s. He's a great performer. Then I asked him if he wanted to sing a duet on our new album. It's kind of like a heavier, messed-up love story. His voice is so cool on that — dark and sinister and low. I love it."

On her unending passion for all things metal:

Doro: "I love all kinds of styles — from hardcore to death metal to melodic metal to traditional heavy metal. It doesn't matter, as long as there's some feeling to it, some depth, some energy, some great melodies. I like that the most, [and] when there's something to say... Of course, everybody has different tastes, different talents, appeals to different audiences, but in the end it's all one. We all want to do good and empower people and give out good energy. Even the darkest, meanest, most aggressive bands want to make people feel good, the audience go crazy."

Pesch will release a four-song vinyl EP, "Backstage To Heaven", on March 8 to coincide with the start of the second leg of her world tour. The EP will feature two previously-released album tracks as well as two new live recordings.

"Forever Warriors, Forever United" was released last August via Nuclear Blast.

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