June 25, 2002

Roadrunner Records have officially announced the signing of Kansas City's DOWNTHESUN.

"Roadrunner has always signed the greatest bands," commented bassist Lance "Kuk" Collier. "Stuff that we grew up on, to some of the more recent bands."

It was SLIPKNOT percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan that first caught wind of DOWNTHESUN, and he didn't have to look far — DOWNTHESUN vocalist Sa-Tone used to be Clown's drum tech. Alongside co-vocalist Aaron Peltz, bassist Kuk, drummer Dan Spain, sample & electronics man Church, and guitarist Bruce Swink, "The Six" — as DOWNTHESUN call themselves — complete their lineup. Crahan offhandedly refers to the band as "The Truth".

"We're ugly, we're fat and we go against everything that rock stardom is supposed to stand for: we are THE TRUTH," states Kuk.

Besides overseeing all the artwork on DOWNTHESUN's forthcoming album, Crahan also served as executive producer, alongside well-known producer GGGarth Richardson (i.e. MUDVAYNE, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, SPINESHANK). It was this recording that caught the ear of Roadrunner Records' head of A&R Monte Conner and director of A&R Mike Gitter. "The bottom line is that DOWNTHESUN are absolutely 100% REAL — and it ain't pretty," adds Gitter. "Powerful, but not pretty in the least bit."

To download the track "Medicated" from DOWNTHESUN's forthcoming, self-titled debut album, click here.

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