DRAGONFORCE's Next Album Could Arrive In September 2019

August 6, 2018

DRAGONFORCE bassist Frédéric Leclercq has confirmed to Metal Wani that the band has commenced working on material for the follow-up to 2017's "Reaching Into Infinity" album. "Sam [Totman, guitar] and I started writing songs a few months ago — maybe two months ago — and I'm supposed to have a look at those songs, actually, tomorrow," he said (hear audio below). "So, we are working on this, and we're planning on releasing it sometime next year. I think we're gonna start showing some videos on social media and what not, so things will appear. And I guess the album should come out sometime next year — probably September; that's what I imagine right now — and then go on tour."

"Reaching Into Infinity" was released in May 2017 via earMUSIC on CD, LP and a special-edition CD and DVD. The follow-up to 2014's "Maximum Overload" marked DRAGONFORCE's third full-length studio release with singer Marc Hudson, who joined the group in 2011 following the departure of original frontman ZP Theart (now in SKID ROW).

DRAGONFORCE's fifth album, "The Power Within", which was originally released in early 2012, has been completely remastered and remixed and reissued under the title "Re-Powered Within" in Europe via earMUSIC and in Japan through JVC Victor.

Leclercq's death metal project SINSAENUM, in which he is joined by former SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison, will release its new album, "Repulsion For Humanity", on August 10 via earMUSIC.

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