DREAM THEATER Singer: New Album Will Be 'Incredibly Intense'!

August 4, 2003

DREAM THEATER frontman James LaBrie recently spoke to Dabelly.com about the progress of the recording sessions for the group's follow-up to 2002's "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence". "After the tour [with QUEENSRŸCHE and FATES WARNING], [we'll take] a week off and then [head back] into the studio to lay [down] vocals. Um, right now we are slated for a release near the beginning of October and that's pretty much has been written in stone as I speak to you now. Give or take a week, you know? We really don't have much time to play with. I have to get back and get the vocals done and then we have to allow time for the mix and packaging and everything else you tend to do with every release. It's going to be a very busy time for us. But it's doable. We can certainly do everything and have it completed exactly the way we want it. That's the plan at this point. An October release and then we start with a world tour in January. I believe we start January 15th in Manchester, England."

With regards to the direction of the new material, LaBrie said, "it is going to be an incredibly intense album and we are really psyched, excited, ecstatic, you name it, we're are there! And I think that we truly believe that the fans are just going to be completely embracing what we have to show on this next record. It is really going to be powerful. That's all I can say at this point. We do have a title and we do have some track titles, but at this point obviously I'm not going to delve into that. We are really keeping a tight lid on this." Read the rest of the interview here.

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