January 9, 2018

DRESS THE DEAD, the band featuring ex-FORBIDDEN guitarist Craig Locicero, has announced the addition of singer Kayla Dixon (WITCH MOUNTAIN) to the group's ranks. Dixon joins DRESS THE DEAD as the replacement for former THE HAUNTED frontman Peter Dolving, who left DRESS THE DEAD in March 2017. The split happened only three months after DRESS THE DEAD — whose lineup also includes Mark Hernandez on drums, James Walker on bass and Dan Delay on guitar — played its first two shows at Slim's in San Francisco, California as the support act for DEATH ANGEL.

Said Locicero in a statement: "It has been a long and bumpy road getting to this point for a lot of reasons. The main thing is finding the right fit after losing Peter Dolving so unexpectedly. That took us by surprise, to say the least.

"After many months of listening to submissions and not feeling we had the proper replacement, Kayla literally dropped out of the sky with a random text to me on October 9th. She basically said she was turned on to DRESS THE DEAD through a mutual friend and loved our song '1969'. She wanted an audition."

He continued: "I had actually witnessed Kayla playing with her other band WITCH MOUNTAIN almost a year to the day she texted me. I had literally walked away from watching her perform that night and thought to myself, That girl is going to be a STAR!' At that same time, we'd already had Peter, so there was no thought of ever having a chance to play and write music with Kayla. In fact, I never even saw myself being in a band with a female lead vocalist. Let alone a super badass like Kayla. We all could not be happier that it happened!

"Fate is a strange beast and we can not always see what's coming around the bend.

"Needless to say, when she arrived at our studio from Portland (where she lives) a few days later to audition, it completely knocked us sideways! From the very first note she sang with us every one of us played better. There was the excitement and chemistry we'd been looking for! Kayla was our new front-WOMAN and we had all found each other in the most appropriate and organic way possible. Through the appreciation and love of music. That's what it's ALL about.

"Our first show with Kayla will be supporting the 'Killian On Command' (all Bay Area thrash stars VIO-LENCE tribute) for the Sean Killian benefit at the the Midway in San Francisco on January 20th. It's an honor to be included in such an important event to help our Bay Area brother.

"The first song we are releasing [with Kayla on vocals] is called 'There Goes The Sun'. Produced by Robb Flynn [MACHINE HEAD] and recorded by Zack Ohren at Sharkbite Studios. It seemed appropriate as our first selection because it shows how massively diverse Kayla is. This girl can hit ALL the gears, intensity, emotion, guttural, melodic and every register. Kayla simply has it all and 'There Goes The Sun' shows it.

"Now DRESS THE DEAD can finally be a band again. Grow together, play shows, record our music and find the home that best fits us. It's really all we ever wanted and it's an exciting time."

Dixon said that she first learned about DRESS THE DEAD after "a mutual friend reached out" to her. "One of my first thoughts was, 'I don't know if I'm ready or even at an appropriate talent level to be replacing someone like Peter Dolving for these guys,'" she said. "I'd battled with the idea in my head for several months before finally reaching out. I had listened to and loved '1969' but what really hit me hard was when I heard the other songs that are still unreleased that they sent me. I had no idea how musically diverse this band would turn out to be!"

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