DRILLER KILLER Is Back With New Lineup

January 20, 2008

Brutal Swedish "crust core" act DRILLER KILLER has issued the following update:

"Well, 2007 turned out to be just as fucked up as the year before... It started of with a cancelled U.S. tour and a cancelled European tour.... All because of the 'promoters.'

"However, we did play at Truckstop Alaska (RIP) in Gothenburg New Year's Eve 2006/2007 and did two gigs in Italy in May.

"Unfortunately we had to cancel our gig at the Party.San festival in Germany due to mental illness... Everything was total chaos and guitar player Adam decided to leave the band shortly after the Italy gigs and the band was sleeping for some months.

"But now we're back on crack with a new lineup.

"On guitar we have Christ Of Fear (who's handled the bass in DRILLER KILLER since early 2005),since autumn 2006 Charlie's hammering the d-beat, vocals by Cliff Sheriff as always, and new to the band is Petter on bass guitar who used to play in DE√úNGA and some other bands I can't remember...

"Festivals, tour promoters and such can get in touch with us through [our] MySpace page or [email protected] Only serious offers, no bullshit or rip-offs, thank you very much!"

DRILLER KILLER's latest release was a split mini-CD/10-inch with EXTREME NOISE TERROR.

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/drillerkillerpunk.

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