DROWNING POOL Frontman Says PAPA ROACH, ALTER BRIDGE Suffer From 'Short-D**k Syndrome'

May 17, 2008

DROWNING POOL frontman Ryan McCombs has posted the following message on the band's official MySpace blog: [UPDATE: This particular blog entry has since been removed.]

"The powers that be have been after me for some time to write another blog. Hell, at one point it was even suggested that I try to start some controversy with some other acts. You know the old 'no such thing as bad press' BS. It was suggested that I take a shot at Kid Rock one time. WHAT??? Here's a dude that marches the same path we do supporting our troops. Yeah, right, I'll get right on that.

"Actually, I will, but not at Kid Rock. Hell, I respect the guy why would I do that?! I need a reason to be a prick. Anyone out there that knows me knows that much. So let me get to it. Let me make everyone happy.

"I'm sitting here in Mt. Clemens, Michigan at a radio show for WRIF, a bad-ass station up here in these parts. On the bill tonight was four bands that led us to look forward to this show tonight. REV THEORY, who we've been on the road with for a few shows here the past couple of weeks. ALTER BRIDGE, who I have no idea about, and PAPA ROACH, who happens to be 10th Street (our management) family of ours. Family, my ass.

"I have never witnessed such a short-dick syndrome in my career. Mind you, back in the SOIL days, I opened up for OZZY [OSBOURNE], [ROB] ZOMBIE and MUDVAYNE and I have never been treated like such a piece of shit. Not that any one of those three bands would ever even think of treating another performing artist the way PAPA ROACH and ALTER BRIDGE treated REV THEORY and ourselves today.

"A room full of people/fans completely get dicked out of the show they paid for because PAPA ROACH decides they need enough room behind the drum kit to park a fucking tour bus between it and the back of the stage. Then ALTER BRIDGE doesn't strike their kit. Something completely in the right of the headliner but an inflated-head move for a support band, of any level. So the paying audience gets to see DROWNING POOL and REV THEORY try to navigate within about one foot of space between the kit and the front wedge (monitor).

"You know, I don't get this shit. People in this business are so quick to spew brotherhood and family bullshit. And then the short-dick syndrome kicks in. What's the point of being such shits to other bands in this business? Are you scared you can't bring it when the fucking time comes? Are you so worried that somebody might bring the shit some night and give the crowd what they paid for that you have to handcuff them before the show even starts? I hope the people that paid for four shows tonight get fucking checks in the mail to cover their ticket costs from PAPA ROACH and ALTER BRIDGE. You all deserve it. You deserve what you pay for. I'm sorry along with the rest of the guys and along with REV THEORY that you all got fucked out of the four performances that you paid for.

"Just saw ALTER BRIDGE. Looks like we should have switched spots. You could have done your feet-nailed-to-the-floor routine in our foot of space easily...

"Sorry if I piss off any fans out there, that isn't my point. You hear this brotherhood BS and then you see the tongue-waggers for what they are.

"To PAPA ROACH and ALTER BRIDGE... leave the handcuffs on the headboard where they belong, allow the fans the show they paid for.

"Now, not being a spring chicken, I do realize that maybe these bands got put in a position of looking bad to REV and us due to their crew. But I've always been a firm believer that a band's crew is a reflection of the people they work for. So choke on it."

UPDATE: McCombs has posted the following "clarification" regarding a point he raised in the above blog:

"I've been thinking of the last blog I posted and I wanted to make sure I explained a point I was trying to make.

"When I mentioned the 'Merry Mahem Tour' I did back in the SOIL days with MUDVAYNE, ZOMBIE and OZZY, I was trying to make a point that may be lost on some that aren't familiar with these bands or their shows. All three of these bands had good, if not huge, productions (stage shows). But every night they did what they could to make sure everyone could do their show to the best of their ability. My mentioning of this tour and those bands was just to show that having been out with bands with their production size, and all together on one stage, that even then the pro in them stood out.

"We've all been in those situations where our hands are tied due to stage size but tonight was not one of them. Tonight was just a matter of not giving a shit. Was it the first time a band or bands acted in such a way? Nope. Will it be the last? Sadly enough, probably not. It was what it was. A bad night that could easily have been avoided. Misfortunate for the fans, and again to them I'm sorry for the way things played out."

DROWNING POOL has been on the road in support of its third album, "Full Circle", which marks the recording debut of McCombs.

DROWNING POOL lost its first singer, Dave Williams, to heart disease in 2002, and parted with a second vocalist and a record label while attempting its first comeback two years later.

More recently, bassist Stevie Benton was diagnosed in December with a neurological disorder called Bell's Palsy, which causes paralysis of the face and occasional sensitivity to sound. The group had to cancel the rest of its immediate tour dates so that Benton could recover.

DROWNING POOL's "Enemy" video:

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