DROWNING POOL: Video Interview Posted Online

September 22, 2009

Road Crew Magazine conducted an interview with DROWNING POOL during the recently completed Crüe Fest 2 tour. The chat can be viewed below.

In a recent interview with The Buffalo News, DROWNING POOL drummer Mike Luce said about how the band has grown over the past few years after acquiring lead singer Ryan McCombs (formerly of SOIL),"[I'm] kind of comparing it to buddies dug into the trenches. You've kind of been through some stuff that you can't really put into words. It just makes you a tighter-knit family."

"We were starting to see our attributes," he added. "We've all grown up quite a bit regardless of the ups and downs. Everybody's matured, older, and we better handle what's expected of us when recording. We're writing some of the very best stuff we've ever been a part of. We're starting to learn the ins and outs of Ryan and he of us. Writing [is] a more tighter, easier experience."

Luce said that while 2007's "Full Circle" explored the band's horizons to the max, the band has been working on an album that mirrors the newly channeled approach to recording.

"It sounds like we're zeroing in on these attributes," Luce said. "I think we're diving into a more soulful, passionate delivery of it. I think people are gonna trip out. [We're] exploring soulful melodic kind of stuff, not just hammering at you the whole time."

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