ENTOMBED: 'Same Difference' Deluxe-Edition Reissue Track Listing Revealed

August 7, 2013

Swedish metal veterans ENTOMBED recently teamed up with PledgeMusic to launch a reissue campaign for some of their albums.

Says the band: "We have been searching back through the archives and this is the tracklist of bonus material we have found for the deluxe edition 2CD and 2LP vinyl of [1998's] 'Same Difference'."

Disc 1

01. Addiction King
02. The Supreme Good
03. Clauses
04. Kick In The Head
05. Same Difference
06. Close But Nowhere Near
07. What You Need
08. High Waters
09. 20/20 Vision
10. The Day The Earth
11. Smart Aleck
12. Jack Worm
13. Wolf Tickets

Bonus Disc 2

01. Kingdom (Supreme Good) (demo 1998)
02. Clauses (demo 1998)
03. 20/20 Vision (demo 1998)
04. Jack Worm (demo 1998)
05. Deflowered (demo 1998)
06. Dagger (previously unreleased Track)
07. Vices By Proxy (previously made avaialble on "Black Juju" EP via Man's Ruin)
08. [Live track - details to be announced]
09. [Live track - details to be announced]
10. [Live track - details to be announced]

Speaking to PledgeMusic, ENTOMBED guitarist Alex Hellid stated: "We've been waiting to reissue these albums for a very long time and, yes, it has definitely been something of a journey to get to this point!

"We started thinking about this project and how to do it about 10 years ago, when our license agreement with then label partner Music For Nations ended, longing for the day we could make sure all our albums would be available again properly.

"In 2007, we actively started to talk to possible partners. It looked like we were going to begin rereleasing stuff in 2008. Never thought it would take this long but was determined to find the right way to do it.

"PledgeMusic was worth the wait and a perfect first step in our quest to reintroduce ENTOMBED to old and new ears exactly like we want to, and tell our story. I'm personally very pleased, to say the least, and glad we waited for some 'new roads' to be built."

Asked if anything surprised him as he went back through the older material, Hellid said: "Yes, I am surprised every day now as I find more and more things I haven't heard or seen in a long time and, in some cases, had forgotten about or didn't even know existed. I've started to rediscover the 'To Ride…' album, for example, and realize how much cool stuff is actually on there, remembering what we went through and what we were thinking at the time. [I am] very much look forward to doing that with that with rest of the albums too and sharing those memories and thoughts."

Threeman Recordings, which is owned and run by members of ENTOMBED, launched a new collaboration with Ninetone Records. The first release under this arrangement was a single for the re-recorded version of the song "Amok" from ENTOMBED's 2007 album, "Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments", produced by Patrik Frisk (CORRODED).

"Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments" was released in the U.S. on July 31, 2007 via Candlelight/Threeman Recordings. The 10-song effort marked the group's first release with drummer Olle Dahlstedt (ALPHA SAFARI, ex-MISERY LOVES CO.),who replaced Peter Stjärnvind in 2006. Mastering duties were handled by Soren Elofsson at Cosmos Mastering in Stockholm, Sweden.

"Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments" entered the Swedish national chart at position No. 3. This was the highest chart position in the band's career.

The current lineup of ENTOMBED features Victor Brandt (TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKER, AEON, SATYRICON) and second guitarist Nico Elgstrand (who previously played bass for the group).

ENTOMBED's cover version of KING CRIMSON's "21st Century Schizoid Man" (audio):

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