EPICA Singer Preparing For 'Equilibrio' Stage Musical

June 20, 2008

EPICA singer Simone Simons recently confirmed her participation in the rock/metal opera "Equilibrio", which is said to be a collaboration between the Dutch metal band XYSTUS and Holland's oldest symphony orchestra, the USConcert.

XYSTUS' new album, entitled "Equilibrio", contains 12 songs from the opera which the band will perform with afformentioned orchestra in July of this year at the Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The album will be released as a limited-edition steelbook version.

Commented Simone, "Last three days I was in Zoetermeer for the preparations of the musical. In a few weeks it is going to happen. I am so excited about it! I also got to know [fellow 'Equilibrio' cast members] Michelle [Splietelhof] and John [Vooijs] for the first time. John is known as the first understudy of Tarzan [in the Dutch version of the stage musical 'Tarzan']. He is full of energy and has a majestic voice. Michelle has played in 'Cats' and is now playing in 'Les Miserables'. I am also a fan of her voice. We had singing lessons and were working on our postions and emotions onstage. All quite interesting. It is one special project and I suggest you all should come and be amazed."

For more information, visit www.equilibrio-opera.com.

"Equilibrio" official trailer:

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