EPICA Singer Says Women Most Definitely Have A Place In Metal

April 19, 2005

EPICA frontwoman Simone Simons recently spoke to Metal-Temple.com about the role of female vocalists in metal. An excerpt from the interview follows:

Metal Temple: So, do you believe that nowadays all that it takes is a good female vocalist?

Simone Simons: "Definitely not. In fact now there are many good female vocalists that it is really hard to achieve something by simply having one on board. Maybe like ten years ago people got stunned by a talented female vocalist. I don't think it is that easy now. Personally I like LACUNA COIL amongst those kind of bands. I have met Cristina [Scabbia, vocals] and she is a true artist."

Metal Temple: Some people still believe that women have no place in metal, but hey, I am not one of them!

Simone Simons: "I believe you, but I also believe that's bullshit! [Laughs] Sorry to say this, but people who still think this way are simply out of the world. Is it my idea or are the most successful metal bands today those with female vocalists?"

Read the entire interview at this location.

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