EVANESCENCE's AMY LEE Offers Tip To Manage Your Mental Health And Well-Being During COVID-19 Outbreak

May 25, 2020

In a new interview with NowThis Entertainment, EVANESCENCE singer Amy Lee was asked what advice she had for people to manage their mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak. She responded (see video below): "I struggle with my own issues too. It's hard to always give advice, because I think I know the right answers, but I don't necessarily always do great. Anxiety is a tough one right now, because we never know what's gonna happen next really, but we kind of do. And right now we really don't. It's hard to know day to day, what are we gonna be doing later this year? I'm not really totally sure.

"Do something that makes you feel good, because you did something that's outside of yourself," she continued. "That's what made me start the band — making music. Because making something, whether it's baking a pie or making a song, at the end of it, you feel really good because something exists that didn't exist before you were there. So I think that creation in general is really healing — painting, baking, whatever."

EVANESCENCE's long-awaited new album, "The Bitter Truth", will arrive later this year. The disc's first single, "Wasted On You", came out last month and is the first in a series of songs that the band will make available from "The Bitter Truth" incrementally, culminating in the release of the full album.

The video for "Wasted On You" was shot by each band member — Lee, bassist Tim McCord, drummer Will Hunt, lead guitarist Troy McLawhorn and guitarist Jen Majura — on their iPhones while currently in isolation at their homes.

In a separate interview with Music Week, Lee said that a handful of new EVANESCENCE songs are completed and mixed, and while they're "all different," she added, "I think so far the one thing that ties them together is it's going to a place that's even more raw."

Lee also told Music Week that EVANESCENCE wanted to get "back to rocking" following 2017's "Synthesis", an album that featured orchestral and electronic reworkings of old material plus two new tracks.

She explained: "I don't want to say our new album is stripped back, because it's not — it's big, powerful and luscious. But we haven't done any orchestra parts on any of the new songs, and that's not because we couldn't get together with one because of the pandemic."

EVANESCENCE's new music is being produced by Nick Raskulinecz, who also worked on 2011's self-titled LP.

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