EVEMASTER: No New Music Until The Fall Of 2007

July 23, 2006

Guitarist/vocalist Tomi Mykkänen of the Finnish "dark metal" band EVEMASTER has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"We were supposed to enter the studio to record our third album in May but due to problems with studio we had to postpone the recording session. Jaska [Raatikainen, CHILDREN OF BODOM drummer, who plays on EVEMASTER's recordings] is in States doing the Unholy Alliance tour with SLAYER and co. so no recording happening any time soon. Well, the good thing here is that I have even more time to work on the songs and re-arrange a bit and maybe come up with new things to be included in the album.

"Jarno [Taskula, singer] is once again in South Africa so that also causes some problems with the recording of the vocals on the album. Worst and maybe the best case scenario is that Jarno will record the vocals during summer 2007. This will cause a huge blowback on our releasing schedule though. So, the possible release of our next album is during autumn 2007 considering that we have found a label to release the album by then. It's then more than 4 years in between 'Wither' and the new one. Talk about fast movements in the band. Hah!

"Even though I'm still working on the next album, which will be a third part of the trilogy 'Lacrimae Mundi' [1998] – 'Wither' [2003] – 'New One' (even it will musically be a bit more advanced),I've also started thinking about the album after next one and I'm really psyched about the idea I have. First of all it will be musically quite different compared to the trilogy I'll delve more into not song-based but feeling-based composition and I think the music will be more epic and more folkish. So in that sense it's getting back to our 'Lacrimae Mundi' era but even deeper into feeling. I'll keep you posted on these ideas when I have something more concrete in my hands.

"My work with BATTLELORE [Tomi's other band] is going well. We're now in the middle of making demos for the upcoming album. The recording of the album starts in the end of September in Imatra's Music Bros studios with Miitri Aaltonen. Should be a nice experience! There's also been some talks about a European tour towards the end of the year but that's not sure yet."

Rising Realm Records released a re-recorded version of EVEMASTER's debut album, re-titled "MMIV Lacrimae Mundi", in early 2005. Drums on "MMIV Lacrimae Mundi" were handled by CHILDREN OF BODOM's Jaska Raatikainen. According to the band, the idea behind the re-recording was to make it "as punk as possible … a lot harsher sounding and heavier than the original version."

EVEMASTER's second CD, "Wither", was recorded at Astia Studios (CHILDREN OF BODOM, WARMEN, ENTWINE) with producer Anssi Kippo and featured a guest appearance on drums by Raatikainen. Also included on the CD was a cover of TAROT's "Wings Of Darkness", with lead vocals courtesy of Marco Hietala (NIGHTWISH, TAROT, ex-SINERGY).

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