Ex-WHITE LION Singer MIKE TRAMP Says 1980s Glam Metal Bands Found Out They Were All 'Replaceable And Disposable' When Grunge Hit

November 25, 2019

In a brand new interview with The Cosmick View, former WHITE LION singer Mike Tramp was asked if he thinks MTV played an instrumental role in the overall success of the band's 1987 album, "Pride", which went double platinum and scored several hit songs. He responded: "Of course MTV played a major role, and it did that for every single artist, including Michael Jackson. Suddenly the music was visual, and people coast to coast and around the world could watch their favorite artist pose and pout. But looking back now, it also had a dark side — we just didn't know that we were being branded for life with those videos."

He continued: "Like I just said, MTV was king and God, but when they turned their back on all the '80s bands that had built MTV and done videos per three requests, MTV now became the executioner, and it was a big stab in the back. There we learned that we were all replaceable and disposable."

Asked if he thinks music videos are relevant today, Tramp said: “No, they are not relevant. It's great if you can do one and can afford one. But they are an exclusive YouTube thing, and talk about competition. Now your video has to compete with stupidity."

A few years ago, Tramp admitted to Classic Rock that bands like WHITE LION had lost their appeal by the time 1991's "Mane Attraction" was released and alternative rock was in the ascendancy.

"The major impact came when MTV changed its concept," Tramp said. "In the '80s, MTV buttered our bread, but after Kurt Cobain wore his grandfather's sweater in the video for 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', there was no place on MTV for bands like WHITE LION and MÖTLEY CRÜE."

In the 28 years since WHITE LION broke up, guitarist Vito Bratta's public profile has been virtually nonexistent, while Tramp has remained active, recording and touring as a solo artist and with the bands FREAK OF NATURE, THE ROCK 'N' ROLL CIRCUZ and, more recently, BAND OF BROTHERS. Tramp also attempted to revive WHITE LION with the 2008 album "Return Of The Pride", featuring new members. Two years later, Tramp ceded ownership of the name WHITE LION to Bratta in an out-of-court settlement.

Tramp's latest solo album, "Stray From The Flock", was released in March via Target Records.

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