EYEHATEGOD: Performance Footage Of New Song

May 5, 2012

Video footage of EYEHATEGOD performing a new song, "New Orleans Is The New Vietnam", on April 28 at the Dark Lord Day in Munster, Indiana can be seen below.

EYEHATEGOD's entire Dark Lord Day performance can be seen at Tyronehood.tv.

EYEHATEGOD released an official live DVD in March 2011 via MVD. Simply titled "Live", the 88-minute production features multi-camera footage from 2009 (Baltimore, Maryland) and 2010 (Cleveland, Ohio),with bonus clips from the last show of their 2010 European tour and videos never before released on DVD.

Since forming in 1988, EYEHATEGOD has defied all odds and continues to exist and persist despite personal and professional setbacks. They've been called doomcore, sludge and stoner rock, survived line-up shuffles, label hassles and a short-lived split. And after more than two decades of creating some of the most corrosive, vile music known to man, EYEHATEGOD still hasn't lost the piss and vinegar that fueled it back in '88.

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