FASTER PUSSYCAT Guitarist Diagnosed With Oral Cancer

October 22, 2005

According to a posting at Metal Sludge, FASTER PUSSYCAT guitarist Brent Muscat has been diagnosed with oral cancer. "Brent is a non-smoker, and drinks rarely," the posting reads. "He is for the most part a cleaner, more-sober-than-usual rock star. He has always been a stand-up guy and we're sure that his positive outlook will help him get through this.

"Brent has informed us that he will have an operation soon and they will likely have to remove a part of his tounge. He also states that the [doctor] said his fast reaction to go in and get checked is a good thing."

In a posting on MySpace, Brent's wife Ej stated, "About 8 weeks ago, [Brent] noticed a small bump on his tongue. And we really thought it was just a cold sore. About a week ago, his tounge became swollen. So he decided to see a doctor.

"Yesterday the doctor informed us of some pretty bad news, that he has a cancer, and he needs to have surgery.

"In the meantime he's going to be laying low and not playing any shows. Please wish him well and we would appreciate everybody's prayer.

"P.S.: If you have a bump or any spot on your tongue, and if it doesn't go away in two weeks, go to see a doctor! Don't wait any longer than that!!!"

Muscat, 38, is best known for his work as one of the dual guitarists in FASTER PUSSYCAT, but has also done stints with ADLER'S APPETITE (led by former GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler),and a Los Angeles-based group named FIZZY BANGERS.

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