November 22, 2003

FEAR FACTORY guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers has posted the following message to the band's official web site:

"Today [Friday, November 21]… I had one of the most amazing experiences in my life, I must admit!... "I got the opportunity to jam with some of the most influential people in the Metal business today! I got to play 'I Don't Wanna Change The World', 'Crazy Train' and 'Paranoid' with OZZY, ZAKK WYLDE AND MIKE BORDIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"It was amazing!!!... Zakk, Mike and Ozzy are some of the coolest, most down to earth people I ever met.. Not to mention, some of the sickest shredders I will ever get to play a note with!!!!!

"Zakk is a monster!!!! Man... what a sick player!!! I think I got a new guitar hero! I can't even explain to u what it feels like when you're jamming with Zakk Wylde and he starts playing a lead in front of u!!!??? I felt like hot blood was rushing thru my veins!!.. The same feeling I had when I played a song with [ex-GUNS N' ROSES guitarist] Slash last year.. The juices just start flowing.... These guys will give u that feeling!

"Mike Bordin was already one of my all-time favorite drummers next to Raymond (FF) and Stewart Copeland! So that was another dream fulfilled!

"I played Zakk some of the new FF shit in the car and he was like 'Fuck yeah!!!! ...Thas some fucking heavy shit,' and after hearing 'Cyberwaste', he was like 'Dawwwm that must be some of the heaviest shit I've heard from FF!' ...And then he asked me if I was doing any leads at all? I told him I would never attempt such a foolish thing, not after hearing Zakk Wylde and Dimebag Darrell tearing it up in the metal world... It's pointless.... Why even try!!! Hahaha He was laughing!!! When he drove off in his Monstertruck, he shouted... 'BLACK LABEL, FEAR FACTORY and DAMAGEPLAN… Let's do a tour!! And if u need a lead over one of them FEAR FACTORY songs, give me a call!' ....I was thinking, 'What a cool motherfucker!!'

"Well, I can mark this day down on my calendar as being one of the greater moments in life! I got to jam with Ozzy! ...! Not something u do everyday..."

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