FEAR FACTORY Singer Discusses 'Cyberwaste' Video

February 5, 2004

FEAR FACTORY singer Burton C. Bell has spoken to Australia's Undercover News about the filming of the group's new video, "Cyberwaste", which is scheduled to take place this weekend in Perth.

"We are going to do it in a big derelict building that we found on the beach in Perth," he said. "We are going to get all the kids and jam out live".

According to the singer, the shoot will last 12 hours. "We'll probably go through it ten times to get the different shots," he said. "The sun will be in different places. We'll have different vibes going on".

With regards to the lyrical content of "Cyberwaste", Burton said, "It is about Internet forums and the people who go on them and talk a bunch of nonsense. It is an angry song and one of the more hard core songs we have written. This song is a statement and I'm sure everyone will get the picture."

Fans who wish to be in the video are invited to show up on Sunday, February 8 anytime after 11 a.m. The address is:

1815 Island Road
South Fremantle
In South Beach, by the beach

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