FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's New Album Will Be A Musical 'Roller Coaster'

June 29, 2019

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist Zoltan Bathory has said in a new video from the band's current recording sessions that its eighth studio album, due out later this year, will be a musical "roller coaster."

Bathory explained in the clip (see below): "It feels like it is gonna be a heavier record. I'm kind of in the 'War Is The Answer' [2007] mood — the first, second record, that's some of the kind of stuff that's in my head right now. It's always a balance. Jason [Hook, guitar] will bring the midtempo, the slower niceties. Naturally, our records always end up being a mixture. It has to be a roller coaster, it has to be a ride. It has to be a full landscape."

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is recording its new album with its regular producer, Kevin Churko, the Canadian record producer/engineer and songwriter who works out of his private Las Vegas facility, The Hideout Recording Studio.

The drums on the follow-up to 2018's "And Justice For None" were laid down by Charlie "The Engine" Engen. Engen made his live debut with the group during its fall 2018 tour with BREAKING BENJAMIN. He stepped in for original FIVE FINGER drummer Jeremy Spencer, who left the band in December.

Hook called Engen "a beast" behind the kit, while guitarist Bathory described him as "an unbelievable drummer."

It's not clear at the moment whether Engen will be made a permanent member of the band or will continue as a hired hand.