January 25, 2010

ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN, the new band featuring former BRAND NEW SIN members Joe Altier and Brian "Slider" Azzoto, has posted a new webisode containing footage from the group's first-ever performance, which took place in December 2009. Watch the clip below.


Joe Altier - Vocals
Brian "Slider" Azzoto - Guitar, Backing Vocals
John Hanus - Guitar
Lewk Detor - Drums
Dave Hoyt - Bass

In a recent interview with D.T.D. Entertainment, Altier stated about ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN's musical direction, "I think its gonna be tough to NOT sound a little like BRAND NEW SIN considering it's my voice and Slider's riffs (which were a big part of the first BRAND NEW SIN CD)… but we wanted a more ROCK feel. In BRAND NEW SIN we always teetered on the fence of rock and metal. Slider and I really wanted to just be a true rock band. We had no idea what exactly it would sound like but as the year has rolled on we have found a 'sound,' I think. In my opinion, it is very classic-sounding. '70s rock and roll — very bluesy and just plain old no-frills rock and roll!"

Regarding ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN's upcoming debut CD, Altier said, "We are in the process of recording it as we speak. Drums are done, guitars and bass are being tracked now and I see my vocals starting sometime early January. We also have plans of adding a lot of piano/organ parts and maybe even some strings on a few.

"It's cool to be on no real time schedule for this CD. In the past when I was in BRAND NEW SIN, we always had a 'deadline' or 'time frame.' For the first time I am on my own 'time frame.' So it gives us time to really take each step with thought and give us a chance to digest it all."

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