Former CARCASS Frontman Recording Blues/Country Cover Solo LP

November 1, 2004

Former CARCASS frontman Jeff Walker has revealed to Decibel magazine that he is currently recording a solo album consisting exclusively of country and blues covers from artists including SKEETER DAVIS, HANK WILLIAMS, JOHNNY CASH, CONNIE SMITH, and JOHN DENVER — albeit with a metallic spin.

"What I'm doing is kinda left of center to some extent," Walker told Decibel. "It's really not that original of an idea when you consider that [SOCIAL DISTORTION frontman] Mike Ness has already done a country-hybrid album. But I don't think anyone from a background like mine has done it, and done it with a bit of respect — not turning it into a piss take."

Walker has already recorded contributions from H.I.M. drummer Gas, H.I.M. frontman Ville Valo (bass/backing vocals),former CARCASS guitarist/FIREBIRD frontman Bill Steer (lead guitar, harmonica, slide guitar, vocals),AMORPHIS guitarists Esa Holopainen and Tomi Koivusaari (guitars),keyboardist Santeri Kallio (keyboards) and bassist Niclas Etelävuori (bass). Walker also plans to enlist CATHEDRAL vocalist Lee Dorrian, ex-FAITH NO MORE bassist Billy Gould, members of fellow Liverpudlians ANATHEMA, and former CARCASS drummer Ken Owen as part of the project.

"I like the irony of me doing a solo album and being the most untalented person on the album," Walkers joked. "I could play the instruments half-assed, but I think it’s better to recognize your own failings and get someone else in who could do it better."

Although Walker hopes to release the record sometime next year, a suitable label for the record has yet to be determined.

"I was looking for a label, but then I realized that the labels I was approaching were clueless," he explained. "They're gonna kick themselves in the ass when they hear the finished thing. None of those people could ever see the commercial possibility of this.

"It pisses me off that I was a part of CARCASS, and CARCASS has been attributed for creating so many different things including a large contributing factor to grindcore, and to the whole Scandinavian death metal thing, and these fuckers have the nerve to indicate to me that I'm possibly going wrong," he concluded. "I know when an idea is still a good idea. I don't wanna sound arrogant, but just trust me — I haven't completely lost the plot yet."

As previously reported, Walker recently lent his vocals to a track called "Pledge Yourself to You" on the new NAPALM DEATH album, due in February 2005 from Century Media. In addition, he has recorded a guest appearance for the new LP from Finnish death grinders TO SEPARATE THE FLESH FROM THE BONES, due this month via Spinefarm Records.

Jeff Walker's interview with Decibel will be published in the magazine's December 2004 issue, which streets November 7. More information is available at

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