Former CRYPTOPSY Frontman To Guest On 'The Governor's Ball' Tomorrow

May 18, 2007

Former CRYPTOPSY frontman Lord Worm (a.k.a. Dan Greening) will be the featured guest on "The Governor's Ball" this Saturday, May 19 at 3:00 p.m. EST. Tune in at this location to hear the chat, which was recorded at Lord Worm's last appearance in Toronto with the band.

In a recent interview with Ali "The Metallian" of the Metallian webzine, Lord Worm stated about his departure from the group, "Every time we went out on the road for any stretch of time I ended up catching something and killing my health. It gets worse as time goes on. It is better for my health and better for CRYPTOPSY if I leave now. . . The body breaks down and you have to make room for someone younger who might not have health issues."

Asked if he was completely happy with the last album he made with CRYPTOPSY, "Once Was Not", Lord Worm said, "I wouldn't say happy; I would say satisfied with the job done. The music was already written by the time I came back into the band. I really had no saying in arrangements or specific riffs. I was given an assignment to write the lyrics and arrange them for this music. I did that. In that sense, I am satisfied that I did the job as well as I could with the constraints I was given. I am into extreme hate-filled black metal. Anything that approaches that I approve of. The more diametrically opposed to that the music is, though I might appreciate the talent behind it, it won't be the type of thing I would listen to. CRYPTOPSY has never been a band I would listen to. I appreciate the effort that would go into it, but it is not something that would go into the CD player unlike, let's say, 'Deathspell Omega'."

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