August 31, 2005

Former DAMAGEPLAN singer Patrick Lachman has unveiled his new band. Dubbed THE MERCY CLINIC, the group features Lachman, guitarists Brian Harrah (PROFESSIONAL MURDER MUSIC) and Josh Stinson (DRIST),bassist Steed Najera (TRIPLE SEVEN) and drummer Bevan Davies (DANZIG, JERRY CANTRELL).

Lachman told that work on THE MERCY CLINIC began more than a year ago when Harrah sent him some demo material he'd been working on.

"He just wanted my opinion on it, and I loved it," he said. "It was completely different from what I was doing with DAMAGEPLAN. And then, after everything went down in December, I took a little time to figure out what I was going to do next.

"It started as an experiment, and it was really cathartic for me," Lachman explained. "All this shit that I had floating in my head just sort of came out so rapidly; I was shocked. I never had inspiration of that magnitude. There was some heavy shit going on upstairs. I just started writing and dumping everything I had — all this sewage in my head — into the lyrics. I'm incredibly proud of it, and think it's the best work I've ever done."

The band have recorded 12 tracks so far, including "The Day the Sun Refused To Shine", "Let It Burn" and "Can I Become Me". Lachman told MTV.comTHE MERCY CLINIC music is the most melodic material he's ever had a hand in. There are metal elements in the songs at times, but generally, it's radically different from DAMAGEPLAN. "The material's very broad," he explained. "It runs the gamut from heavy to acoustic, surreal to just wacked-out effects-laden stuff with no drums and different vocal approaches."

Regarding the possibility of participating in a rumored ALICE IN CHAINS reunion, Lachman said, "I'm just waiting for the phone to ring, to see if and when it's going to happen. I would be willing to participate if it's something they wanted to explore. The door's wide open, and it would be an opportunity of a lifetime to play with musical icons and people I now consider my friends."


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