Former DESTRUCTION Members Launch New Band, Web Site

June 2, 2002

Germany's JCS (JESUS CHRYSLER SUPERSKUNK),who feature in their ranks former DESTRUCTION members Sven Vormann (drums),Michael "Ano" Piranio (guitar, also in EPHEMERA'S PARTY) and Thomas Rosenmerkel (vocals, also in EPHEMERA'S PARTY),along with DRYROT guitarist Micheal Gerstlauer, and NECRONOMICON/EPHEMERA'S PARTY bassist Bernhard "Erna" Matt, have launched their official web site at this location. Currently available for download via the above-mentioned site are full-length MP3s of the group's recently-completed demo, which contains three "old-school thrash metal" tracks. The songs featured are as follows:

01. Fear Freedom
02. Dshihad
03. M.T. Head

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