Former ENUFF Z'NUFF Guitarist Reportedly Died Of A Drug Overdose

May 31, 2004

Former ENUFF Z'NUFF guitarist Derek Frigo is believed to have died of a drug overdose, according to unconfirmed reports. Frigo, who has been battling drug addiction for over a decade, passed away Friday (May 28) at the age of 36.

A friend of Derek's longtime girlfriend posted the following message regarding Frigo's passing:

"Derek F. died today, well technically yesterday but things have been a bit...

"He was a guitar player (ENUFF Z NUFF?),my friend's boyfriend and a dope fiend! The thing is she loved him madly, no matter how far he dragged her down into the cesspool his life was becoming.

"When I first met him I was skeptical, but has long as she was into him I would smile, be cordial and try and enjoy his company. After he relapsed and took her out with him I was less tolerant. I ended up throwing him out of her place and thought that was the end of it.

"The life we lead can take dramatic turns with serious consequences. And [Friday] was that day. I was thrust into the middle of their drug misery and has I tried to do the things that would protect my friend, I ended up with another friend Shawn trying to pump life back into Derek's lungs as snot spewed from his nose and he shit himself. He looked like the poster child for incomprehensible demoralization. He clutched his phone tightly in his hand and dialed 90. He was probably trying to dial 911 because the dope felt so fucking great and then it was that moment where you know you are going, going, gone. And you will try to grab for life even if you have to call for help with a pocket full of drugs and works.

"The point is how does life bring a person down so far, that one of the last people they talked to on that phone and the one person who is trying to pump some life back into their decrepit body does not like them or care for them. Where were his so-called friends? And those who cared for him? How could they miss the signs, he looked so bad???? Doesn't friendship require that we take an interest in each other's lives, that we are there for each other and make an effort to care?!?!?!? Where were these people who cared for him????

"Is it so simple: that shooting dope is so sexy and feels so fantastic that you do not realize you have just ended up alone and dead with snot all over your face and you defecated in front of people who do not care for you. Or maybe you drive people so far away that the only ones who mind do not like you but came from where you are at this moment.... What a strange trip hard drugs can be..."

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