April 29, 2020

For Jeremy Spencer, the transformation from heavy metal drummer for perennial hit-maker FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH to the embodiment of iconoclast singer Devil Daddy is complete.

Now in its fully realized machination, Spencer's new rock band PSYCHOSEXUAL is introducing its unique brand of gothic metal and industrial-edge music to fans — a character-driven, visually arresting tour de force guaranteed to spark controversy, and Spencer wouldn't have it any other way.

The first single from PSYCHOSEXUAL's debut album, "Torch The Faith", "Let The Sin Begin" showcases the talents of guitarist Crucifier, bassist Astaroth and drummer Volac alongside Devil Daddy's haunting vocals, and the titillating video features the eye-popping gifts of performers Masuimi Max, Madison Morgan, Janey Doe and Idelsy Love.

Spencer will release "Torch The Faith" through his own independent label 6ex Records — co-produced by Spencer with DROWNING POOL producer Shawn McGhee.

Spencer left FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH at the end of 2018, but in his mind the persona of Devil Daddy had occupied part of his creative consciousness for several years. Never one to rest on his laurels creatively, he released a series of '80s-like new wave originals in early 2019 as a precursor to the band — including some arresting and entertaining videos such as a remake of TYPE O NEGATIVE's "Love You To Death".

Spencer says: "I've been such a fan of so many types of music from Bowie to DEVO to black metal bands, PSYCHOSEXUAL really is the outlet I've needed to bring all these things together in one big Evil Stew."

A tour to support the release of PSYCHOSEXUAL's new album is planned for late fall/early winter.

Spencer, who co-founded FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH with guitarist Zoltan Bathory, underwent back surgery in the fall of 2018 that required a significant recovery period. In announcing his exit from the group, he said: "The rigorous physical wear and tear has worn down my body to the point where I feel I can no longer deliver a performance you great fans deserve and one that brings me satisfaction and joy."

Spencer's replacement in FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is Charlie "The Engine" Engen. Engen made his recording debut with the band on the "F8" album, which came out in February.