Former KREATOR And SODOM Guitarist FRANK BLACKFIRE Releases 'Back On Fire' Solo Album

December 14, 2015

Former KREATOR and SODOM guitarist Frank "Blackfire" Gosdzik has just released a new solo album titled "Back On Fire".

Blackfire is a German guitarist who started exploring and listening to his father's rock and roll albums at the early age of 6. Frank picked up a guitar at the age of 15, and then, at the age of 18, joined a cover band in which he played classic songs of acts such as JUDAS PRIEST and SAXON. About two years later, Frank joined the German thrash legends SODOM and entered Music Lab Studios in Berlin to record the band's "Expurse Of Sodomy" EP, and the "Persecution Mania" album, both of which were produced by Harris Johns. "Persecution Mania" was promoted on a European tour, which was documented on the legendary "Mortal Way Of Live" live album and video. In 1989, SODOM completed another classic album, "Agent Orange", which was the first German thrash metal album to ever enter the German chart. Frank left SODOM in 1989, but as his friends from KREATOR were in need of a guitarist, he accompanied them on a North American tour. Soon after that, he became a full-time member of KREATOR, joining them on the road and making three studio albums with the group: "Coma Of Souls" (1990),"Renewal" (1992) and "Cause For Conflict" (1995).

After leaving KREATOR in 1996, Frank focused on other music genres, and also started to teach guitar playing. Between 2000 and 2006, Frank lived in Brazil, where he played with several bands in between releasing an album and an EP with his band MYSTIC. In 2007, Blackfire rejoined his former bandmates SODOM at the Wacken Open Air festival and then appeared at the Chris Witchhunter memorial concert in 2008.

"Back On Fire" features the following musicians:

* Frank Blackfire - guitars, vocals
* John A.B.C. Smith - bass guitar, vocals
* Toni Merkel - drums

Special guests:

* Tom Angelripper - vocals on "Insane Human Race"
* Nancy Kunze - vocals on "Beautiful World"


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