Former MEGADETH Guitarist Comments On GENE SIMMONS' 'Anti-Muslim' Controversy

May 29, 2004

Former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman has commented on the controversy surrounding KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons' recent comments which were seen by some as anti-Muslim. Asked by a fan in the "FAQ" section of his web site how people should react to Gene's opinion and if they still need to respect him, Marty replied, "Please don't turn to rock stars for religious or political information! I think Gene may agree with me though, that any religion taken to the extreme is dangerous and should be treated with caution. I'm skeptical about all organized religions, because they were all created by humans who use the toilet every day just like anyone else. On top of that, none of the religions can answer the only real important question — If God created the world, then who created God??"

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