Former MISFITS Frontman Comments On New Band, War With Iraq

March 3, 2003

The as-yet-unnamed new band featuring frontman Michale Graves (MISFITS, GRAVES),guitarist Loki (ANGELSIN, GRAVES guitar tech),bassist JV Bastard (MISTER MONSTER),and drummer Paul Lifeless (A LIFELESS ALLIANCE, MISTER MONSTER) have spent the past few weeks rehearsing and writing original material, which they plan to begin recording later this month for an EP, tentatively due in the summer. Says Graves: "The debate continues on what to call this project. Collectively we will officially name our band in the coming weeks. It will not be called GRAVES. Once we settle on a name, we will be much more forthcoming about our plans about a summer tour in support of our EP which will be released in the coming months along with the launching of our web site. Hollowpoint Management is doing a wonderful job supporting, and guiding us as well as helping us find a record company that will make are professional goals, collectively and separately, a priority to them."

In other news, Michale has posted the following statement regarding his feelings on President George Bush's foreign policy and the possibility of the U.S. waging war on Iraq:

"As we inch ever closer to a military conflict in the Middle East I feel it appropriate to make it known where I base myself, to give my fans and people interested in my life an idea of where I am coming from on these all important issues that I pay close attention to. I also strongly urge and encourage positive debate relating to these and other pertinent issues that surround all of us. Feel free to contact me. They have relevance in all facets of our lives including the music we listen to as well as the music I write.

"I believe in God.

"I believe in Good and Evil

"I support the ongoing operations in Afghanistan and am proud of our nation and its allies to have once again liberated and set free an oppressed people.

"I support the war against Iraq. Saddam Hussein represents a growing threat to us as a society and all free democratic people of the world as do all those that can be grouped into the evil that he represents.

"I support the current administration and feel that the course they are setting for our people is just and right.

"I believe that war is inevitable."

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