Former NILE Bassist/Vocalist CHIEF SPIRES: 'I Don't Like KARL SANDERS'

November 25, 2003

Former NILE bassist/vocalist Chief Spires has spoken out for the first time about his departure from the group and his decision to form SHAITAN MAZAR with fellow ex-NILE member John Ehlers (guitar)

Speaking to Poland's Masterful Magazine, Spires explained his reasons for leaving NILE. "Well the official press release was something like 'Spires leaves the band due to creative differences, and career direction'," he said. "The truth is there was much more to it than that, but I won't go into this too deep. Speaking in terms of the music, I didn't like the fact that Karl [Sanders, guitar/vocals] was turning NILE into a band based on 'how fast can we go?' I felt we started to lose much of the creativity when this came into play, not to mention that this is the main reason we lost Pete Hammoura [drums/vocals]. Karl and I had a lot of issues, but to keep it short, I just don't like him."

When asked if he still keeps in touch with his former bandmates, Spires said, "Occasionally I speak to Tony Laureano [drums]. I have known Jon [Vesano, bass/vocals] since the days of DEMONIC CHRIST and DARK MOON, and have a lot of respect for him. I think he is a great replacement for me and I he knows I wish him well. Tony is my bro, it was always Tony and I hanging out during the time we shared in NILE. When Tony comes up to Greenville to rehearse with NILE, we try to hook and have some drinks. Tony was actually going to help with the drum tracks of SHAITAN MAZAR until we found Brett. I wouldn't mind running into Dallas [Toler-Wade, guitar/vocals] again. I still have tremendous respect for Dallas and his playing ability. As far as Karl goes, no we don't meet in pubs for beers. I don't think that would be a good idea."

With regards to his decision to form SHAITAN MAZAR, Spires said, "John Ehlers and I had discussed a few years after he left NILE about one day playing together, and sharing the stage again. I knew that even if I stayed with NILE for the duration of the band, I would one day want to create a band like SHAITAN MAZAR. But, after leaving NILE this was the perfect opportunity to begin the long stages of forming a new band from the ground up. I truly loved what I did in NILE. I was never tired of death metal. I still have great respect for the music, all the friends and fans I gained while playing with NILE. At the same time, I am a musician who loves to write, play, and sing many different styles of music. I enjoyed working with John when he was in NILE, so it was only natural to create this band with John. John had been co-writing with a longtime friend Robert Dirr [guitar] even when he was a member of NILE. When I found out these guys were still playing together it was a perfect situation for forming SHAITAN MAZAR. I then made a call to a friend I had known for years in the metal circuit Jason Hohenstein [vocals]. Jason is by far the most intense, and one of the most talented vocalist I've ever worked with. I knew that he would be dedicated and have what it takes to build a fan base. He has a great clean voice, and one of the strongest death voices I've ever heard. The toughest thing was finding a drummer. After a very long search, Jason was introduced to Brett Goode one evening at a local metal pub. Brett listened to the songs and decided to come give it a shot." Read the rest of the interview here.

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