September 28, 2007

According to posting on the MySpace page for the legendary hardcore/punk band MDC (MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS),the group's former bassist Mikey "Offender" Donaldson passed away in his sleep on September 22 in Barcelona Spain where he had recently relocated from Amsterdam. The cause is unknown at the moment. He was 46. He is survived by his brother Joe Donaldson, sister Marie Donaldson Ward, and sister Sumiko Hakari, all of Killeen, Texas.

Commented THE OFFENDERS drummer Pat Doyle: "Mikey was the bass player for Austin punk band THE OFFENDERS from 1978 to 1986. He also recorded bass tracks on MDC's groundbreaking effort 'Millions of Dead Cops' and D.R.I.'s 'Dealing With It'. Mikey also performed regularly with MDC in the early 1980s. He moved to San Francisco in 1986 and went on to play and record with Gary Floyd (DICKS) and Lynn Perko (IMPERIAL TEEN) in SISTER DOUBLE HAPPINESS. After leaving the music scene for ten years or so, Mikey returned to Austin and reunited with the original OFFENDERS lineup for a gig at Emo's in Austin, Texas in March 2002. In 2003 MDC recruited Mikey and the original lineup, recorded a new album, and have been touring all over the world ever since.

"Mikey is universally regarded as one of the most innovative and inimitable masters of the bass guitar. He played his Rickenbacker like it was a out-sized rhythm guitar. Taking cues from Jack Bruceand Lemmy, Mikey pioneered an agressive speed-picking style and liberal employment of bass chords that few have been able to emulate in the past 20 years."

MDC frontman Dave Dictor wrote: "Mikey had rediscovered life in Holland in the last four years. His funny, easy-going nature was known throughout Europe. He fell in love with and lived with beautiful runaway teen model and merch goddess, Selina Hakkensen. He relished playing with Tony Slug from BGK's band THE NITWITZ and his own squat band BRUTALIZED SS.

"Mikey was planning a tour with MDC for Austailia and New Zealand for February 2008 and with THE NITWITZ to Turkey in April 2008. He LOVED touring and loved music. He went everywhere with his music CD binder. He loved Swedish hardcore and was up on the most obscure of bands everywhere.

"Mikey was a young-hearted person from the old school of hardcore. He was 'speed metal' before the term was coined. They don't make many like this and when he is gone... well, he is fucking gone.

"It is a sad fucking day, but know Mikey would want you to love life, belly up to the bar, and yes, practice your instrument like it was the most important thing in life."

A memorial celebration in Austin is pending and the date will be announced soon.

Watch fan-filmed video footage of THE OFFENDERS performing "Face Down in the Dirt" at their March 2002 reunion show in Texas.

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