FOZZY/SICK SPEED Update Courtesy Of Guitarist RICH WARD

April 14, 2002

A FOZZY/SICK SPEED update courtesy of guitarist Rich Ward (ex-STUCK MOJO):

We started recording the new FOZZY CD on Jan. 9th and I didn't finish until March 29. We had a couple of days off here and there, but I used those days to work on the new SICK SPEED material. We worked from 2 in the afternoon until 4 in the morning everyday and we have a great record and demo to show for it. The day after the recording was through we started rehearsals for the New York show on April 5th.

[FOZZY singer and WWF champion wrestler] Chris [Jericho] sang really well and made huge improvements from the first record. I spent a lot of time writing and making sure that the FOZZY original tracks were smoking and could hold their own against any new metal band. If you like FOZZY, you'll love this record.

As for the new SICK SPEED songs, I wrote them last summer and worked with the band to finalize the arrangements during Nov and Dec. [Drummer] Bud [Fontsere] and I collaborated on the lyrics for the song 'Summer'. It's symbolic for the best days of our lives, recognizing who we are and knowing where we are going in life. Bud also wrote a piece about the passing of his father. 'Here I Stand' explains the origins of my anti-social lifestyle and my disappointment with the direction that the world is heading in (as if the world cares). 'Wither' is a song about people who wait around for life to give them all the things they dream about. The people who have a sense of arrogant entitlement. As people. we are what we create and our lives are a direct result of what we put into it. 'Wither' is a song about failure, lack of faith and an absence of inner strength.

On why SICK SPEED's European deal with DK Entertainment fell apart:
It's not DK's fault but the marketing plan that the European distributor sent us was the equivalent to a coupon for a free Big Mac. DK promised me one thing and turned out to be something totally different. After what happened to STUCK MOJO, I will protect my music and make sure to never relive the nightmare. Keith at DK is a great guy and I have nothing bad to say about the label, it just turned out to be a lot different than it was presented.

On other label offers:
We've had 4 offers over the last couple of months, some more significant than others. The new demo is being shopped by a great attorney, with great initial response. So, we will know more in the coming weeks.


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