FOZZY's CHRIS JERICHO Releases Orchestral Version Of 'Judas'

August 11, 2021

FOZZY frontman and wrestling superstar Chris Jericho has released an orchestral version of the band's hit song "Judas". The accompanying video, which was created by composer J.D. Spears, can be seen below.

"Judas" was the title track of FOZZY's last studio album, which came out nearly four years ago. In a 2018 interview with Distorted Sound, Jericho stated about the song: "The single came out in May 2017 and the record was October [of that year]. It's been amazing, it’s taken us to a completely different level all across the board. [It's] what I call the 'Judas effect', you know? It's the right collection of songs in the right place at the right time for us, and it just took us to a completely different level, and was basically all anchored around the reception it received in the States on the radio. We knew eventually it was going to happen. We've had popular songs before, but things now have just gone completely through the roof. It's kind of become our signature song, and that's fine. I mean, once you're lucky enough to have that happen for your band, it takes things completely… It's like our 'Stairway To Heaven', our 'Enter Sandman', something along those lines. But you know, like I said, when you're lucky enough to get to that point where you have a song that everyone equates with you, it's just a great thing. It's one of those things where if people only know one FOZZY song, that's all right; we don't have a problem with that. And it just continues to build and continues to grow and to get bigger."

In May, FOZZY dropped a video for its first new song in two years, "Sane", which hit one million views in its first two weeks. This first-of-its-kind video was filmed on the longest wooden roller coaster on the planet today.

This past February, Jericho told Detroit's WRIF radio station that the band's follow-up to 2017's "Judas" album would "continue with the momentum that [the] 'Judas' [title track] started for us [four] years ago."

Last summer, Chris revealed that FOZZY's next LP will contain 12 songs, including one cover.

In May 2020, Jericho told Australia's Triple M radio station that FOZZY has "so many great songs" written for the new LP that "it's gonna be hard to pick the singles."

Guitarist Rich Ward and producer Johnny Andrews once again did "the lion's share" of the songwriting for the new LP, which was recorded primarily in Atlanta, Georgia.

Released in August 2019, "Nowhere To Run" was FOZZY's third single to hit Top 10 on rock radio, following "Judas" and "Painless".

In addition to producing "Judas", Andrews previously co-wrote FOZZY's "Lights Go Out" track back in 2014. He has also written songs with the likes of ALL THAT REMAINS, THREE DAYS GRACE and HALESTORM.

In November, FOZZY appeared in its first global live streaming event from Madison Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

FOZZY is Chris Jericho (vocals),Rich Ward (guitars, vocals),Frank Fontsere (drums),Billy Grey (guitars) and P.J. Farley (bass).

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