June 4, 2002

LIMP BIZKIT frontman Fred Durst has issued the following response to FILTER leader Richard Patrick's remarks from yesterday, in which he suggested that Durst was in need of "psychiatric help":

"Dear Rich, this is Fred. I read your comments in your site and cannot believe how you are acting. That interview is 1 and a half years old that just got published with some extra comments about Wes. It hurts to know you disregard the other musical talents in our band such as Lethal, John, Sam, and myself. We play a huge role in what goes on with our music. It is our world as individuals for sure. and as for help, I need all I can get. You could obviously use some yourself. I love you and your music and really love your new album, but come on man. Is stabs at me really what's going on? You took stabs at us in the press before, me I meant. I wont take this as a bad thing but dude we don't need this tension in our world today. We have to be a family. I can believe you wrote this because of things you've said before, but I cant believe you didn't check with me first. What you said to me at PUDDLE [OF MUDD's concert] was great. That's where it ended. This is just some new controversy that the world as we know it can sink their teeth into. Good for you. Can't wait for the full package to come out. I'll be first in line. Later Rich. Thanks again from all of us here in the BIZKIT camp."

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