September 3, 2005

Norwegian guitarist/vocalist Frediablo (NECROPHAGIA, GRIMFIST, GORELORD, HEMNUR) has issued the following statement:

"I have decided quit all my musical engagements except my role as singer in GRIMFIST. NECROPHAGIA, GORELORD, WURDULAK, CHAMBER OF STRENGTH etc... I'm done!! I desperately need to distance myself from a large portion of this scene in order to maintain any love at all for metal music. I either stop, or I work myself into a state of mental and physical misery. I will continue to raise hell in GRIMFIST, and will be seeing some of you fuckers on tour next year.

"Thanks to all the fans, press and people that have believed in me and supported me and my work over the years. You have my respect, and you all kick fucking ass!!"

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