GENE SIMMONS's New Year's Resolutions: 'I'd Like To Be A Better, Kinder, Better-Looking And Richer Guy'

January 2, 2022

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons was asked in a recent interview with the Toronto Sun about his New Year's resolutions and hopes for 2022. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "I'd like to be a better, kinder, better-looking and richer guy. Not all of that's gonna happen, but I can certainly become a better person — be kinder, give more to philanthropy, reach out even to people who you disagree with completely. We all live on this planet, and you're not gonna be able to change everybody's mind. And that's okay. Agree to disagree. 'Hey, I don't agree with you. Let's go have some coffee.'"

Last year, Simmons told Art & Object that he hoped KISS would play another 200 shows before finally calling it quits.

"If I was in U2 or THE [ROLLING] STONES, both amazing classic bands, I could be Keith [Richards] or the Edge, wear a pair of comfortable sneakers and a t-shirt, and you're done, no fuss, no muss, easypeasy, no sweat," he said. "But no, I have to wear eight-inch platform heels. Each of the dragon boots weighs as much as a bowling ball. So you're walking around with two bowling balls on your feet, 40 pounds of armor studs, guitar, and all that stuff. Then I got to spit fire, fly through the air, it's exhausting. THE STONES, god bless 'em, can keep doing this into their eighties."

KISS launched its farewell trek in January 2019 but was forced to put it on hold in 2020 and part of 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"End Of The Road" was originally scheduled to conclude on July 17, 2021 in New York City but has since been extended to at least the end of 2022. The trek was announced in September 2018 following a KISS performance of the band's classic song "Detroit Rock City" on "America's Got Talent".

Last fall, KISS frontman Paul Stanley said that the final concert of the "End Of The Road" tour will likely happen within the next year and a half.

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