GEORGE LYNCH Doesn't Think It's Odd For Him To Release So Many Albums: 'It's What I Do For A Living'

August 30, 2021

In recent years, legendary guitarist George Lynch has recorded albums with a number of different projects, including LYNCH MOB, KXM, SWEET & LYNCH, THE END MACHINE and DIRTY SHIRLEY. His most recent release was his first-ever full-length instrumental album, "Seamless", which came out earlier in the month via Rat Pak Records.

Speaking to Vinylestimes Classic Rock Radio, Lynch said that he finds it perfectly normal for him to get involved with as many different projects as possible. "It's kind of strange when people ask me about the amount of records I put out, like it's odd," he said. "But I don't think it's odd, because it's what I do for a living, and I love what I do for a living, so I do as much of it as I can, just because I can. I mean, what else am I gonna do? I'm not really into just sitting around and doing nothing. I like being busy, I like being productive, and I love writing music and playing my guitar. So I'll do it every opportunity I get."

Despite the fact that Lynch's creativity and musicianship has been showcased on over 50 albums since 1982 and 2022 will mark his 45th anniversary as a professional musician, he says that he has generally stuck within one genre of music and hasn't ventured too far out of his comfort zone.

"In retrospect, I don't think I've done enough to surprise my fans or to even challenge myself," he said. "I think I've stayed pretty much along the hard rock lines — with some exceptions, like PROJECT NFIDELIKAH and ULTRAPHONIX, [where] I've gotten into other areas of funk and stuff. But it's not like I'm doing these radically different styles of music. They're just different flavors of hard rock, really."

"Seamless" features nine brand new tracks and three bonus tracks from Lynch, who is backed by drummer Jimmy D'Anda and bassist Eric Loiselle on the album.

Starting in music in 1977, Lynch has long since been considered one of the most-notable guitar players of all time. His work with DOKKEN and LYNCH MOB has garnered him a legion of devoted fans around the globe.

Last year, Lynch told Guitar World magazine that staying "diversified" was key to making a living in rock music today. "Do everything," he said. "Be an engineer, be a composer, play every instrument you can, get endorsements, learn how to make a web site, be social-media savvy and keep your eye on everything."

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