GEORGE LYNCH Launches Custom Guitar Pedal

November 20, 2004

Former DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch has joined forces with LegendaryTones and pedal guru Robert Keeley to create a new customized version of the acclaimed Time Machine Boost pedal. The new GL Time Machine Boost (GL TMB) takes the unique voicings of the original Time Machine Boost, but adds a more aggressive character and bottom end.

In addition to the newly voiced Vintage channels, dubbed "60s Bite" and "70s Growl", respectively, the Modern channel now includes a "Mr. Scary" mode switch that toggles between the normally clean and punchy boost of this channel to one that now adds additional gain to emphasize harmonics. The GL TMB is perfect for various functions including utilizing one of its channels for a boosted rhythm tone, and then switching to the other for boosted leads when it's time to take a solo. With four-modes of operation and two independent circuits and channels, the tonal options of the GL TMB are nearly infinite.

"The original Time Machine Boost I was using is great for pushing my tube amps and getting more natural tube drive and sustain," said Lynch. "But working with the team on a custom model, I wanted a bit more of an aggressive tone with a fatter low end from the Vintage channel, as well as the option to get some dirt from the Modern channel depending on which amp I plug into. It was also important to keep the punch and fidelity of the Modern channel and 'Mr. Scary' mode does just that. This is one serious and very musical tool and I'm proud to have my name associated with it."

In addition to the tonal versatility, the GL TMB is meticulously built like no other pedal and is virtually indestructible. Each GL TMB is 100 percent hand-crafted, built one at a time, with the finest select-grade components that are wired up in pure Point-to-Point fashion. This approach to the design means that there are no less than seven hours of labor hours put into each and every GL TMB. The layout inside the pedal is as stunning as the exterior. Just like the construction of many of the greatest guitars and amplifiers in the past, the GL TMB is made to stand ahead and on its own, and it obliterates mass-produced pedals with a quality of build and tone that will provide a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

The GL TMB has a wide range of uses. Use it to further overdrive a tube amplifier into more harmonically rich distortion or as a preamp to strengthen the output signal of a guitar's pickups. Its two footswitchable channels and unique circuits with independent volume levels provide further dynamics, tone shaping, and versatility. It is ideal for use with both vintage and "boutique" class non-master volume amps to get further gain and fatter tube drive from the power stage, as well as master volume designs to help provide stronger cut and crunch beyond what the amplifier could otherwise do.

The George Lynch model Time Machine Boost by LegendaryTones and Robert Keeley will be sold exclusively by George Lynch at for $329. Pre-orders are currently being taken, with shipping availability beginning during the first half of November. Due to the amount of time in crafting this all-hand-built, point- to-point design, there is a current anticipated waiting period of 4-6 weeks. More information about the George Lynch model Time Machine Boost can be found at,, and

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