GEORGE LYNCH On LYNCH MOB's Lineup Changes: 'It Is A Revolving Door'

June 20, 2018

George Lynch says that LYNCH MOB's current singer situation is "confusing," five months after the departure of Oni Logan.

For some of its recent shows, LYNCH MOB has been utilizing the services of two different vocalists, depending on each frontman's availability: former LYNCH MOB singer Robert Mason, and ex-BLONZ vocalist Nathan Utz.

George addressed the uncertainty surrounding LYNCH MOB's lineup during a recent interview with SiriusXM's Eddie Trunk. He said: "It's confusing, and I don't want to confuse people.

"The thing with LYNCH MOB, it is a revolving door. It's always in a state flux, and I've learned to accept that and just live with it.

"When I was younger — when I say younger, I mean, like, in my 40s [laughs] — I had this dream that it would be just your garage band — your friends from school, and you would go on to make it, and you'd be friends for life and it's your family" he continued. "I haven't been able to succeed [in that] — I haven't been able to keep that together. Really, I've just learned to accept that things are going to change. That's the only thing that's inevitable, is [that] things aren't going to remain the same.

"I'm not really sure what's going to happen with the band," Lynch admitted. "It's going to remain intact. Right now, it's [drummer] Scotty Coogan, who's been in the band before. Bass players, we've got Michael Devin [WHITESNAKE] sometimes; we've got Sean McNabb sometimes. That's a revolving door there. They're both wonderful. We also have two different singers — Robert Mason, who does 75 percent of the shows, and Nathan Utz. It's an amorphous, fluid thing.

"I started thinking about it and go, 'Wait a minute. Every time we have a member change, I sort of tend to kind of blame it on other things.' I go, 'Wait a minute — what's the common denominator here? Maybe it's my fault. I'm the reason I can't keep a damn band together.' It's almost like an unwritten rule in the rock world here that you have to be in LYNCH MOB. It's sort of a rite of passage."

Logan first hooked up with LYNCH MOB in 1990, but exited the group after the release of its first album, only to rejoin the George Lynch-led outfit in the late 2000s.

LYNCH MOB's latest album, "The Brotherhood", was released last September via Rat Pak Records.

The Atlanta, Georgia-based Utz is currently the frontman for the AEROSMITH tribute act PANDORA'S BOX, which also features EVANESCENCE's Troy McLawhorn.

Utz made his live debut with LYNCH MOB on March 9 in Medina, Minnesota.

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