GHOST Recruits Female Bassist For American Tour

September 17, 2016

Swedish occult rockers GHOST have enlisted a female bassist for their "Popestar" North American tour, which kicked off Friday night, September 16 at Main Street Armory in Rochester, New York. The exact identity of the musician playing the four-string has not been disclosed, although a couple of separate rumors point to either Sean Yseult, best known as the bass player from the multi-platinum and twice-Grammy-nominated band WHITE ZOMBIE, or the Swedish musician Linnéa Olsson, who previously played guitar in THE OATH, SONIC RITUAL and, most recently, GRAVE PLEASURES. A third — and possibly most credible — rumor at this time suggests that the bassist is actually a different American female musician.

Fan-filmed video footage of the Rochester concert can be seen below.

The members of GHOST never reveal their true identities, which, one member has said, "seemed like a good idea" when the band first started.

Other than GHOST's lead singer, who goes by the name Papa Emeritus, the bandmembers only use the monikers Nameless Ghouls.

One of the Nameless Ghouls told Jägermeister about attempts to reveal the GHOST bandmembers' true identities: "We keep our identities as secret as we possibly can, of course, but at some point it's bound to happen, some things that are not really optimal for us, of course. But the identity part is always gonna be, for as long as can take it, it's gonna be a hassle in many ways, and I think we have managed to keep it below the radar, for the most part, at least."

Yseult was previously photographed hanging out with members of GHOST backstage at a New Orleans concert in October 2015 (see below).

Around the time the group disbanded in 1998, Yseult moved to New Orleans and continued her music career — playing with bands like THE FAMOUS MONSTERS, ROCK CITY MORGUE and briefly for THE CRAMPS.

GHOST is touring in support of its new EP, "Popestar", which was released on Friday, September 16. The effort, which consists primarily of covers, was helmed by English producer Tom Dalgety, who has previously worked with ROYAL BLOOD and KILLING JOKE, among others.


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