March 11, 2005

Former THE WILDHEARTS frontman Ginger recently conducted an hour-long interview with Michael Butler (AMERICAN HEARTBREAK bassist) of "The Rock and Roll Geek Show" (web site) about his involvement with BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION and the breakup of THE WILDHEARTS, among other topics. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow:

On his decision to part ways with BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION less than two months after joining:

"When I realized that I wasn't gonna really be able to put 100 percent into that, I figured it would be fair to tell them sooner rather than later that I wasn't gonna be able to do it. I don't believe in messing people about, so I told the guys. I mean, they were gonna get me a work visa, and they were gonna pay me for shows and stuff… I just figured I'm not gonna take a penny if I'm not gonna last the duration — I believe in being straight with people. . . It's important to salvage friendships, especially in the face of adversity in the shape of money and music — I don't wanna lose friendships because of money or music. So I decided that I'd rather be these guys' friend forever than start an album that I wasn't gonna finish, or start a tour that I wasn't gonna finish. It was pretty much the same as THE WILDHEARTS back home. I knew I wasn't gonna be able to finish an album, so I told them before we even started. 'Guys, I ain't quittin' before the end, I'm quittin' before the beginning. This is as fair as it could possibly be. And bad news isn't gonna feel good whenever you find it out, so it's best to find it out sooner rather than later.'"

On BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION guitarist Tracii Guns' recent statement that Ginger was involved in writing "a couple of the songs" the band are currently recording for their new album:

"It wasn't a couple of songs, it was more like six. What we did was the whole band got in a room and wrote as a band. It was really cool times. It was great to write. Scott Sorry, the [new BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION] bass player, has been coming up with a lot of the lyrics. Scot Coogan, the drummer, has also been coming up with great lyrics and melodies. It's a very musical band. I'd like to see everyone's name on the credits for the six songs that we worked out, because that, to me, would be the fair way of doing it, 'cause everybody had an input. It doesn't really matter who wrote what and how much I wrote compared to how much someone else wrote. I just believe if everyone's worked, everyone gets credited for it. It's not really a monetary thing — it's more just like respect for the work that people put it. It's yet to be seen… If I'm supposed to be involved in a couple of songs, then obviously I'd say that's not necessarily true, 'cause I was involved in a lot more than a couple. I'd like to see my name credited on all of the songs, and if it's not, I don't really want it credited on any of them, to be honest. . . It's entirely up to the band how it ends up being credited and all that, but anyone who's heard anything that I wrote is gonna hear me all over the songs. I don't even need to tell people the ones I was involved with, 'cause when they hear it, my influence is all over them, and that sound isn't on the first album, and it isn't on the half of this album that I didn't have any involvement with. I just hope it's all done in a stand-up kind of manner. Whatever happens, THE WILDHEARTS fans, they're gonna hear my involvement, they're gonna go, 'Oh, yeah, sounds like a WILDHEARTS song.'"

To download an MP3 file containing Ginger's entire one-hour interview with "The Rock and Roll Geek Show", click here.

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