GIRLSCHOOL: Munich Footage Available

November 1, 2008

Video footage of the veteran British all-female hard rock band GIRLSCHOOL's October 28, 2008 concert in Munich, Germany can be viewed below (courtesy of "eblinternational").

GIRLSCHOOL's 30th-anniversary album, "Legacy", will be released in Europe on November 3. The CD was made available in Germany and Austria on October 24 and will be issued in North America on November 4 via Wacken Records/SPV. "Legacy" features a plethora of special guests, including Tony Iommi (BLACK SABBATH),Ronnie James Dio (BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, DIO),Lemmy and Phil Campbell from MOTÖRHEAD, "Fast" Eddie Clarke (FASTWAY, ex-MOTÖRHEAD) and a couple of members of TWISTED SISTER. Even the group's original guitarist Kelly Johnson, who died last year, can be heard on the opener "Everything 's The Same" with a special ghost appearance!

"Legacy" (see artwork below) track listing:

01. Everything's The Same (feat. Kelly Johnson on percussion - her ashes)
02. From The Other Side
03. I Spy (Girlschool Mix)
04. Spend Spend Spend (feat. J.J. French guitar solo)
05. Whole New World (feat. Neil Murray - bass, Phil Campbell - lead guitar)
06. Just Another Day (feat. Phil Campbell - guitar solo)
07. Legend (feat. Neil Murray - bass)
08. Still Waters
09. Metropolis (MOTÖRHEAD cover) (feat. Fast Eddie Clarke - guitar solo)
10. Don't Mess Around (feat. Eddie Ojeda - guitar solo)
11. Zeitgeist
12. Don't Talk To Me (feat. Lemmy on bass, vocals and triangle)

Bonus Tracks:

13. I Spy (Dio/Iommi Mix) (feat. Ronnie James Dio on vocals, Tony Iommi on lead guitar)
14. Emergency
15. London

Kelly Johnson passed away on July 15, 2007 after a six-year battle with cancer of the spine. Along with Johnson, the classic lineup of GIRLSCHOOL included Kim McAuliffe (guitar),Enid Williams (bass) and Denise Dufort (drums). The band was an integral and major force in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement, beginning with the release of its debut album, "Demolition" (1980),and continuing with the follow-up efforts, "Hit 'n' Run" (1981) and "Screaming Blue Murder" (1982).

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